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Employer of Records

hire, pay, and manage your dream team anywhere, without limits

What our EOR Services Include

Our EOR services are designed to help your organization streamline its global expansion by providing a turnkey solution for managing your employees in foreign jurisdictions.

Outsourcing your international HR requirements to an EOR means you have experts on hand to ensure compliance from the start – to ensure contracts are correct for the country, to ensure payroll and statutory contributions are accurate, and to ensure you’re in compliance with all local labour and employment laws.

We act as your local HR office. We’ll oversee the day-to-day human resources and payroll requirements of your local workers, serving as your in-country legal entity to create employment contracts and administer local benefits to your workers.

We will take care of the details and let you and your team focus on business growth.

Hire with us

By partnering with us, your company can take advantage of our global network of EOR providers and our expertise in managing complex cross-border employment arrangements. Our services are scalable and customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization, whether you need to manage a single employee or a team of hundreds.

Onboarding and Offboarding:

We handle the administrative tasks involved in hiring and terminating employees, including contract preparation, benefits enrollment, and tax compliance.

Payroll and Benefits Administration:

Our team manages all aspects of payroll processing, including tax withholding, social security contributions, and benefits administration.

Compliance and Risk Management:

We ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations and provide comprehensive risk management services to protect your company from legal and financial liabilities.

HR Support:

Our team provides ongoing HR support to your employees, including assistance with performance management, disciplinary actions, and employee relations.