Fixed Asset Management

Best Practice Asset Management Consulting

Understanding and identifying exactly what is required before making a business decision is critical. Red Beam Consulting Ltd can assist organizations in identifying the exact functionality, requirements and technologies that will deliver the solution required before a substantial investment is made.

RFID Asset Tracking

We provide our clients with flexible strategic tools to efficiently manage their assets, improving their business performance.

Our solutions provide an effective way to manage your maintenance, operations and track all the assets deployed to the field and/or at customer site.

We identify all key assets uniquely using RFID technology. Through its advanced mobile software application it targets mobile workers with the right work orders and triggers the right maintenance procedures when in front of the assets, individualizing each operation per asset and installation and gathering precise data about productivity and root causes of maintenance.

Thanks to the unique identification of assets, it is able to track all of operations performed along their lifecycle as well as their movements in order to maximize their value and improve their utilization.

We also provide strategic tool for those companies who deliver their products and services based on Returnable Transport Items and mobile assets. From manufacturing and conditioning centers, to distributors, and to end customer facilities.

Returnable Transport Items are a vital part of your business; they are the vehicle through which your products and services get delivered to customers. They represent a significant investment and their activity is a direct measure of your productivity. Tracking their behavior along the supply chain becomes an essential step to protect your investment and design efficient policies based on reliable information.

Our system identifies the assets to individually track them all along the supply chain. They become smart assets able to inform workers and processes about their status and condition.

Across the supply chain, fine grained information about individual assets is gathered to provide precise tracking of the asset and its content. This information is not only stored for tracking but readily available to workers and processes so they can make decisions in real time, reshaping some of the most critical processes in the supply chain, such as WIP inventories, conditioning and maintenance