Fixed Asset Management

Best Practice Asset Management Consulting

Understanding and identifying exactly what is required before making a business decision is critical. Red Beam Consulting Ltd can assist organizations in identifying the exact functionality, requirements and technologies that will deliver the solution required before a substantial investment is made.

Fixed Asset Audit

By automating time intensive audit and data collection processes, our solutions offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and portable assets.

Red Beam Consulting Limited offers a variety of audit services to assist clients in barcoding and identifying their fixed asset base. Red Beam Consulting Limited has conducted countless audits in countries around the world using a proven project lifecycle and methodology.

Red Beam Consulting Limited has taken the pain out of conducting audits by inventing the Red Beam Consulting Limited audit methodology. This process utilizes software developed by Red Beam Consulting Limited that runs on PDA units, fully automating the audit process. This significantly enhances the accuracy and speed of an audit minimizing the impact on organizations daily operations.


Red Beam Consulting Limited will assign experienced Services Consultants to each audit project, with a Project Lead who is entirely responsible for the success of the project. This involves following the proven project lifecycle and liaising constantly with the client adhering to all milestones and ensuring requirements are met. We also provide experienced personnel to assist in the physical tagging of assets (typically with barcode or RFID tags) and usage of the PDA units. 

Require an audit but don’t wish to replace your current software? No problem!

Clients enquiring about Red Beam Consulting Limited’s audit services may also benefit without the need to purchase any additional software. That’s right, obtaining an accurate asset register and benefiting from the return on investment is possible without the need to purchase any new software.

Red Beam Consulting Limited can utilize its own software and technologies to deliver the collected information in a format requested by the client, rather than a new software package. 

Key Benefits of Asset Auditing Services

Some benefits of conducting regular and complete audits include:

Discover new assets – adding them to the current asset register with accurate details efficiently captured on-the-spot

Identifying missing assets – assets in the current register that cannot be located can be immediately written off

Assets for disposal – highlight assets that are redundant and no longer in use and awaiting disposal

Asset Condition – condition of each asset can be recorded, those in poor conditions and representing an OH&S risk noted, resulting in a proactive asset management replacement program.